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Justin Perlman

Justin Perlman has dedicated his life to art. At an early age, he became fascinated with how the world was constructed. The son of self-taught architect, mechanic, and artist Harry Perlman, so much of Justin’s curiosity came from his father. The biggest lesson impressed upon him was to honor craftsmanship and beauty above all. Justin holds the lesson most sacred throughout his many years of study and practice and an artist.”


“The pursuit of various artistic processes has taken Justin Perlman on diverse roads. From his studies in Anthropology at Hampshire College he journeyed onto taking sculpture classes at the Art Students League of NY. From there he flew to Pietrasanta, Italy, so that he may study for a year with master artisans and sculptors in marble carving. Seeking a detailed and complex education in sculpture, Justin returned to the USA to apprentice as a master chaser at a bronze foundry where he learned about all facets of the fine art casting process. In 2004, Justin moved his studio to Connecticut where he continues to create works of art for exhibition, as well as private, and public commissions.”


“Through all of his travel and study, he has maintained the belief taught to him by his father, ‘Whatever you do, take care in it, and do it well.’ A belief that guides his hand, as well as his heart."

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