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Jo Tonkovich works with leading designers and home owners to add art and dimension to a space       - a trusted partner and friend.


"If TONK was a soul, it would be glowing yellow. If TONK was a party (and we've had some), I would never check my watch. I wouldn't want to leave. I'd be home." 


TONK can help with the home part because I know life can be stressful.  Life can be downright hard. We cannot control a lot, but we can do something. Make our worlds, our environments happy places to be. And to just be is what TONK is all about. TONK is art and celebrating the being who lives inside all of us. This person - you - who wants to, without hesitation, dance, laugh, and let it all hang out. The colors you want to see. The smells which make you feel at peace. The songs which wrap you in a smile. Surround yourself with your quirky delights. Why the hell not is my motto! And when we do all of this silly nonsense guess what happens? People naturally gravitate to you because you mastered the time that's been given. Might be short. Might be long. Might as well make it cool and a mirror reflection.


As my young son Harry would say, "I like my scribble scrabble." No coloring in the lines over here. I suppose that's how we roll.


Getting back to life, I know from experience it's scary short. Maybe this is why I take chances. I know some day soon I'll be super dead.  My advice. Live your life however it dazzles you.


-Jo Tonkovich

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